The world in which we live can be a very difficult place at times for us as adults.  Can you imagine what it is like for our young people as they transition from being kids to being adults and feel like they have no control?  And yet this is a very critical time in their lives during which they will form some of their most basic values and goals.


We at bethlehemSCV want to help our students to be shaped and formed by the things that honor God and provide for them a world view that is Christ-centered and healthy for them as they go through these important years.  Please be informed about what we have to offer to help our students be able to not just survive but to thrive in this world as followers of Jesus Christ.


CrossFire Student Ministry Junior & Senior High

CrossFire Student Ministry
Junior & Senior High


Okay, now to you students who are reading these pages:  Welcome.  You are important
to God and important to us.  We know this world can seem like a crazy place, but you do not have to live in fear, confusion, or feel lonely.  YOU matter to God and you matter to us!  If you find something that looks like you would like to try it out, this is your invitation to join us and check out what we have to offer.  When you are here – you are one of us!  You are always welcome to bring a friend too.
Jesus will ignite the kingdom life, a fire, the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out.
 Luke 3:16 (The Message)